Prescott Roofing & Remodeling


We're proud of our exceptional certifications and qualifications.


In order to comply with requirements needed to offer Extended Warranties, all of our roofing mechanics have taken and passed the Master Shingle Applicator test. Two of our company officers are members of the Certainteed Professional Roofers Council; our Vice President of Operations has earned the title of Master Shingle Applicator 'Wizard', and is a qualified Certainteed Symphony Slate installer. As a company, Wm. Prescott Roofing & Remodeling, Inc. has achieved Certainteed's highest credential level and is authorized to operate and represent itself as a SELECT Shinglemaster and can offer the Certainteed Surestart PLUS warranty extensions. In order to achieve this, we need to meet the following criteria:

All job supervisors, plus at least 50 % of the installation workforce, must be Master Shingle Applicators, with one employee qualified as a Shingle Quality Specialist.

The company owner agrees to abide by the terms and conditions described in the "Code of Ethics and Professional Practices" and qualifies as a fiscally-responsible business owner.

Submit proof of current workers' compensation insurance (as required by law), and liability insurance covering roofing.

Be in business for at least 5 years, or accredited in the Certainteed ShingleMaster program for at least one year.

We have been a SELECT ShingleMaster since 2006.




Wm. Prescott Roofing & Remodeling, Inc. is honored to be certified as an Owens-Corning Preferred Contractor. As such, we can provide first-rate workmanship, outstanding products and customer service to our customers along with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you've made the right decision about your roofing investment. Prior to certification, Owens-Corning Preferred Contractors must meet strict criteria:

A minimum of 3 years experience under the same business name.

A clean record with the Better Business Bureau.

Adherence to all local legal requirements for licensing and insurance.

Positive professional references, plus references from satisfied customers.

Absolute dedication to industry standards for superior installation and customer service.

A legal and credit check of their company for liens, judgements and positive financial standing.

We have been an Owens-Corning Preferred Contractor for the last 10 years.



Firestone Building Products

Wm. Prescott Roofing & Remodeling, Inc. has been a licensed installer of Firestone rubber products since 1985. Our Firestone-certified installers can provide solutions to all your low-slope roofing needs. We receive hands-on training and individual testing to maintain the high-quality installation standards required by Firestone.

Firestone inspectors will personally inspect each Firestone-warranted roof for quality of installation and attention to strict detail. We offer Firestone 'Red Shield' warranties for 10, 15 and 20-year roofing systems. Firestone is constantly working to improve their product, with emphasis now focused on more environmentally-friendly materials; these and other updates are closely monitored so as to provide the latest in top-quality low-slope roofing systems to our customers.




AirVent is widely recognized as the industry leader in residential attic ventilation. Research has shown that the best way to ventilate an attic is with a system that provides continuous airflow along the entire underside of the roof sheathing. Achieving this desired airflow requires a balanced system of intake ventilation low at the roofs' edge (in the soffit/eaves) and exhaust ventilation at the ridge/peak.

AirVent manufactures high-quality residential attic ventilation products such as ridge vent, electric and solar-power roof fans, whole-house fans, and a complete line of intake vents. AirVent holds yearly seminars where new products are introduced, new information is presented, and questions are answered. Attendees are issued a certificate of completion of the seminar. We attend these seminars stringently; the information is valuable in understanding how the process works and how these products can help extend the life of our customers' roof.