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Commercial Roofing Contractor in Pittsburgh

Your roof is the first line of defense against the Pennsylvania and tri-state area’s rough climate conditions. But as it often happens, we take it for granted and forget that a roof needs a little general maintenance every now and then. Additionally, if the roof in consideration belongs to a commercial building, the situation complicates itself even further!

Commercial roofing requirements always have certain special aspects that need to special attention. And the most important one of them all is timely delivery. Being a commercial contractor, we understand that you cannot afford to lose productive time on roofing installation and repair. At the same time, it is of utmost importance to ensure that the roof of your commercial establishment creates a look that befits the esteemed stature of your name and is maintained to the best of its condition.

To make sure that all these requirements are fulfilled, you need the services of a Pittsburgh commercial roofing contractor who knows what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. In short you need nothing short of expertise and we are offering EXACTLY that!

Introducing W.M. Prescott – the Pittsburgh commercial roofing specialist that has all the experience and skills necessary to deliver results that your commercial building and organization deserve! By combining the industry knowledge that we have amassed in over a century’s worth quality workmanship and roofing expertise that our customers can vouch for. We strive to create a roofing solution that fits your needs. We deliver dependable customer service and work with our clients to meet and exceed their expectations. And we do so by tapping into an unbeatable understanding of the market  and of the various conditions that might affect the performance of your roof.

Our Pittsburgh commercial roofing crew will detect and diagnose any problem that might exist with your existing roof and will then offer the most economical and effective solutions to correct it. Whether it is through repairs or new installations, W.M. Prescott will do whatever is necessary prevent a minor problem from turning into a major one. That means less down time, reduced costs and equipment damage, and reduced customer complaints.

That is why we believe ourselves to be much more than just a Pittsburgh commercial roofing contractor. W.M. Prescott is your partner in maintaining a safe, secure, and good-looking commercial facility.

• Quality craftsmanship
• A dedicated supervisor for every project
• Safety plans that are compliant of all regulations
• Site cleanup facilities
• Industry’s best warranties
• Customer walk-through before and after the completion of the project

W.M. Prescott – the Pittsburgh commercial roofing contractor that has been covering the city since 1906, one roof at a time!