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Ready for some quick updates to your living space? Have you just purchased a house and would like to get it all fixed up? Or maybe you are planning on putting your house out on the market and want to make some additions to increase its sales value? Whatever the purpose, you have finally found the right Pittsburgh remodeling contractor to get the job done!

Welcome to W.M. Prescott Roofing and Remodeling Inc., the leading provider of all kinds of home improvement and remodeling services. With a synergy of our generations worth of experience and the services of the most sought after construction crew in Pittsburgh, we will create a custom look for your home that rightfully reflects your personal style.

The best craftsmanship, the most innovative of designs and the most flawless and effective execution – these are the qualities that define W.M. Prescott. With an industry presence that goes as far back as the year 1906, we know what homes mean to their owners and what they expect from a remodeling job! That is why we have put together the best home remodeling crew in Pittsburgh to ensure that your vision of a dream home is brought into the realms of reality.

Our philosophy is to deliver the best quality results on any home remodeling Pittsburgh job that matches the standards and expectations of our esteemed clients. We believe your home deserves only the best of people working on it, only the best of skills employed on the job and only the best materials used to ensure you can enjoy your home for years to come. And as the leading Pittsburgh remodeling contractor, W.M. Prescott has taken a vow to make sure you get all of that whenever and wherever you may need it! No matter how small or big a project you might have in mind, we have the right technicians, architects, designers, carpenters and construction artisans to get the job done. You can trust W.M. Prescott with your home.

We implore you to place your precious trust in the masters of home remodeling in Pittsburgh. W.M. Prescott will transform your humble abode into the dream home you always wanted to live in! To begin with, let’s start a conversation. Just give us a call and tell us what you have in mind. And we will guide you from there one step at a time!