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The Importance of a Properly Insured Roofing Contractor

Did you know that major insurance companies like State Farm do not insure roofers because it is too dangerous?

In the state of Pennsylvania there are only three companies that will insure roofing classification.

If a company does more than 30%, or more, roofing they must have Roofer’s Workmen’s Compensation and Roofers Liability Insurance. Both are required for full coverage.

We advise you to exercise caution when you are presented a certificate of insurance because it may not be suitable for your roofing project.  Most likely, it will be for services like carpentry or remodeling.

In the event of an accident, without the proper roofing coverage, damages could fall back to the homeowners insurance which may not be enough to cover the loss.

The Pennsylvania Department Of Labor has a great tool which can verify if the roofer of your choice has the required insurance.  The listing and database is maintained by the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Rating Bureau (PCRB)

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If you have more questions about the specifics of your roofing or remodeling project feel free to give us a call or see below for more information on Workmen's Compensation!

What is workers' compensation insurance?

Workers' compensation typically covers expenses incurred as a result of injuries employees sustain from workplace accidents, violence and natural disasters by providing missed income and medical benefits coverage. Workers' compensation insurance can also cover certain illnesses and occupational diseases contracted as a result of employment.

Workers' compensation covers employees' medical bills (which may include prescriptions and physical therapy) to treat work-related injuries, and partial compensation for wages lost due to absence from work. Additionally, it usually protects employers from lawsuits initiated by workers injured on the job.

Who generally purchases workers' compensation insurance?

All companies with employees.

Why buy workers' compensation insurance?

In Pennsylvania it is required!

What does workers' compensation insurance cover?

With workers' compensation, workers receive benefits regardless of who was at fault in the accident. If a worker is killed while working, death benefits will be provided for the worker's dependents.

Workers' compensation covers:

-Injuries employees may sustain on the workplace premises

-Injuries sustained anywhere else while the employee is working

-Certain illnesses and occupational diseases contracted as a result of employment For example, if employees who work with toxic chemicals become ill due to exposure to the chemicals, coverage would apply

-Injuries employees may sustain from other events that may occur while they are working, including accidents, violence and natural disasters

What happens to a homeowner if they hire a contractor that does not carry Workers' Comp Insurance, Liability Insurance or does not carry the correct type of Workers' Comp Insurance?

1. Medical Payments - this will help with doctor bills for people injured on your property regardless if you are negligent or not. Usually this has a coverage limit of $1000 to $5000. So, the roofer who fell off the roof would qualify for this coverage (because he is not a resident of your house hold and his employer does not provide WC benefits). Once that limit is exhausted, it would then fall onto the homeowners liability insurance, resulting in a claim for the homeowner.

2. Liability - this pays for injuries that happen on your property because of your negligence. So...if your dog bites the roofer as he carries materials from the truck to use to put on the new roof...this coverage comes into play. (That's because you were negligent....your dog biting the roofer).

The other concern about a roofer with no insurance....if the roofer or his employee does something that causes damage to your home/property they don't have insurance to pay for it. So you have to go back after him personally - which can be hard if not impossible to do.

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