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Slate Roof Repair Services in Pittsburgh

Slate tends to be the preferred roofing choice of homeowners across the city of Pittsburgh. The feature that sets slate apart from the other roofing options is the natural look that it lends to the house. Homes that use slate roofing not only benefit from the amazing appearance, but they are better protected against the elements and reap the advantages of low maintenance and longer life spans! If installed correctly and maintained in the right fashion, your slate roof will stay with you for generations to come, shielding your home and preserving its amazing look.

To ensure that this roofing choice of yours functions perfectly for an even longer time, you need the services of the best slate roof repair Pittsburgh experts to take care of it. Let us take this opportunity to introduce W.M. Prescott to you – the roof repair Pittsburgh contractor that is widely considered to be THE slate roofing specialists.

What we offer is not just slate roof repair and maintenance, we offer services with a difference that is signature to our firm’s name. At W.M. Prescott, we believe in doing the job in a way that is more than just effective. It is always our aim to strive for a 360° satisfactory experience for the customer. And we have been consistently and continuously achieving this aim ever since our firm was established! Ever since 1906, generation after generation of our construction team has been delivering results that exactly match our customer’s expectations. Perhaps this is the reason why every homeowner entrusts their precious home into the hands of the slate roof repair Pittsburgh expert - W.M. Prescott!

When our team takes up a slate roof repair job, they don’t just bring our century’s worth of experience. They also bring their honest opinions and options for providing the best and most effective solutions to your needs. And our team ensures that you understand what is required to achieve a short-term solution, or a long-term one. We believe that only when YOU, the homeowner, understand what is involved in each option, can you make an informed decision about how you would like to proceed with your project. Consequently, our roof repair Pittsburgh crew does everything necessary to ensure that your chosen solution is implemented and actualized in the most effective and economical manner possible.

So the next time you face any problems with the slate roof installed in your home, do remember our name. We are W.M. Prescott and we will help you keep your roof as good as new for years to come! Call us today!