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Box Gutters

Box Gutters are built-in gutter systems are typically found on older, historical homes and building. The difference from aluminum gutters is that they are part of the actual roof's structure. Box gutters are usually made of wood framing with a sheet metal lining, such as copper, stainless steel, tin and EPDM membrane. The sheet metal creates a water trough for the water to make its way to the downspout. Because box gutters are usually over one foot wide, they rarely get clogged or overflow. Copper and stainless steel box gutter linings are great because they require very little maintenance compared to tin box gutter systems. Tin linings can require painting every five years and must be cleared of debris to prevent rust and corrosion.

3 Reasons Not to Remove Box Gutters

Some contractors, mostly inexperienced, may recommend the removal of a box gutter system and framing to accommodate a newer and less expensive aluminum k-style gutter system. WM. Prescott Roofing and Remodeling Inc. does not ever recommend the removal of a built in gutter system in an existing structure for the following architectural reasons:If you eliminate the eaves from a residential structure it will cause a greater exposure to sunlight on the walls of the house during summer. This can make a home much hotter in the summer. Actually, there are absolutely no thermal benefits in the winter months because the sun is always lower in the sky and the presence of eaves has very little impact on shading.
  • The overhang from the box gutters actually protects the inner and outer walls of your house from moisture. If you were to eliminate the overhang, you are enabling water to penetrate through the windows or siding.
  • Another reason is that the overhang helps keep water away from the foundation of the home. This eliminates 1 to 2 feet of roofline on a house and will have negative effects to the moisture level in the ground near the basement walls.

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