About Mastic Soffit & Fascia
Soffit and fascia from Mastic Home Exteriors was designed to coordinate perfectly with your Mastic siding, windows, trim and gutters.

Soffit and Fascia Play an Important Role In Your Exterior Remodel

Soffit venting is a critical part of your homes ventilation plan. From moderating temperature extremes to controlling moisture in attic spaces, soffit vents make your home comfortable by venting moisture from your office, and also provide a clean, finished look to the underside of your eaves.

Fascia provides maintenance-free protection to the edge of your roof between the shingles and the soffit. Available in matching or coordinating colors, Mastic fascia board brings it all together, beautifully.
Classic Beaded SoffitTraditional Vinyl SoffitTraditional Aluminum SoffitFascia
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