Tiles used for tile roofing repair in Pittsburgh, PA

Tile Roof Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

Tile roofs (Terracotta/clay) roofs are beautiful and durable, they are also expensive and heavy and absorb heat from sunlight. Excessive heat and weight lead to deterioration of the underlayment.

This creates a leak hazard since these roof types are reliant on the underlayment to maintain a watertight condition. To correct this problem, we perform a lift and re-lay repair. Simply put, we remove all the tile, underlayment, flashings, etc. from the roof, down to the wood deck. After inspection and needed repairs to the deck, we install a layer of Ice and Watershield underlayment over the entire deck, including in valleys, along walls and around roof penetrations. Then the second layer of synthetic underlayment is applied. The tiles are then re-installed to their original locations, along with new flashings, valleys, etc. Any broken tile found during the project are replaced with good, used tile. This repair results in a fully watertight roof that will last for many years, greatly reducing the need for repeated costly repairs. This will provide the homeowner with a sense of comfort, in not having to worry about potential leaking every time it

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