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Why Upgrade to Energy efficient windows?

Single-pane windows can often leave rooms feeling too cold and dry during cold the months and overheated and humid during warm and sunny months. Windows with double-pane glass can greatly improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. They block much of the heat from having direct sunlight but will still allow light to come through, making less of a need for shades and adding natural light. They'll reduce your home's cold drafts and the chill factor of cold glass. Condensation will be reduced so you can keep the indoor humidity at a higher, more comfortable level in cold weather. Also, having new energy-efficient windows installed will save you money on your energy bills. WM. Prescott Roofing and Remodeling Inc. has the professional experience you need for all of your window installation needs.

If you notice drafty air leaks and water condensing on the inside glass are common indicators that your window isn't protecting you from the outside elements properly. Cold air and heat pour in and out of the same weak seals, wasting your money year after year. Older, single-pane windows are especially prone to leaking, and the single pane of glass does little to block incoming light, heat and cold. WM. Prescott Roofing and Remodeling Inc. can inspect your home and make recommendations to improve your home's energy efficiency. Since windows are the source of up to 25 percent of lost energy, our assessment tells you how well your windows maintain proper energy and moisture control. You may only need to make only a couple of simple modifications, like weatherstripping or adding storm windows. If these cheaper alternatives fail, replacing them with more energy-efficient windows may be unavoidable. Either way, WM. Prescott Roofing and Remodeling Inc. will help you find the solutions that your home and family requires.

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