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Wm. Prescott Roofing & Rem., pleased to announce the acquisition of Ski Masonry, a masonry restoration company based in the Pittsburgh area. Jeff Dzikowski, the owner of Ski Masonry, has been handling our masonry needs for the last 20 years on an independent basis. He has become renowned and respected as one of the top professionals in the field. With this acquisition we can now offer in-house masonry restoration and repairs along with all of our other services.

Prescott Masonry and Restorations scope of work includes:

  • Chimney re-build and restoration featuring custom mortar colors to match existing; state of the art cap systems, new terra cotta tiles and custom masonry cap mix engineered for longevity.
  • Lintel replacement above windows and doors.
  • Detailed brick and stone pointing with proper striking of the mortar joints, to match existing. (Residential and Commercial)
  • Masonry and stone steps repair/replacement.
  • Historical masonry restoration.
  • Repair/restoration/rebuilding of parapet walls.
  • Repairs to masonry caused by storms, vehicle impacts, etc.

Prescott Masonry and Restoration prides itself on thorough restoration performed with longevity in mind, while keeping the work as unnoticeable as possible to the untrained eye. Completed masonry restoration should be extremely difficult to notice. These are the earmarks of the highest quality masonry restorations.

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